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Welcome to the Tai Chi Gallery.  Enjoy!  Below is a video of Mark Cashatt performing the spear routine that he is available to lead in a private lesson situation.  The movements are so detailed- the routine would be very difficult to learn in a group class.


2013 World Tai Chi Day at Souderton Park

2014 World Tai Chi Day at Souderton Park





About Us

HAPPY THOUGHT TAI CHI PROGRAM was developed by instructor Mark Cashatt. The system was developed from ideas and routines that Mark Cashatt gathered over the years. (read more)


Tai Chi DVDs

3 Volumes of Tai Chi instruction, each over 1 hour long, are now available through this website.

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Special Needs Classes

After developing an easy and systematic program using the principles, philosophy and techniques of Taijiquan (Tai Chi), an ancient martial art originating in China, I found that such a program can benefit our friends who have physical and mental challenges. (...more)